Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s exhaust is designed for the long haul, but with cars living longer than ever, it’s becoming more and more common to replace them. A good exhaust system can last a decade and a half before its estimated replacement under ideal circumstances, but seaside air, road salt, and other factors can make them wear out early, so it’s good to know the warning signs.

Excessive or Unusual Noises

Unless you specifically modify it for volume, your exhaust should not be unusually loud, and many local laws restrict how loud you can make them on purpose. If you notice an odd change to the way it sounds or it gets louder, you probably need to do some exhaust repair, and you might need a full exhaust manifold replacement.

Performance Instability

Many of the same performance issues that indicate an intake problem also indicate an exhaust problem, which makes sense when you think about it. The performance instability you notice for both is the result of a problem with the fuel/air mixture. In one case it is due to a lack of air coming in, whereas the other one is due to exhaust fumes lingering when they need to be moved out of the way of the new air.

  • Fuel economy decreases
  • Acceleration and sustained power output issues
  • Stalling

If you notice any of these issues, it’s worth checking the condition of your exhaust as a first step toward diagnosis.

Burning Smells and Other Odors

Exhaust failures tend to lead to problems with the catalytic converter that lead to more polluting gases making it out into the atmosphere, and you can smell them when that happens. Sometimes it is due to buildup rendering the converter inoperable. Sometimes it is due to leaks in the exhaust that allow gases to escape on the way to the converter. Either way, you need the right automotive shop tools to make a repair before the damage gets any worse.

Upgrading Your Exhaust for Better Performance

Exhaust repair can be a chance to increase your vehicle’s performance. If you have not done much with modification, a small investment in a moderate performance upgrade can help with fuel efficiency by cycling air through the engine more quickly. If you’ve been modifying parts like your intake or fuel injector size, upgraded exhaust systems can help you make the most of those improvements so you can see the best possible gains in power and acceleration from each new round of installations.

If you are considering a performance exhaust system, weld up header kits give you all the elements you need to build the exhaust that suits your vehicle. Modular flanges, tubes of various sizes and shapes, and other support parts are all designed to give you easily installable options for your upgraded manifold. Start checking out your options today so you know what to order when you need to update your exhaust system. It takes time to plan a custom exhaust build, so start taking time out to plan yours today.

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