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Internal doors are an important element of the home décor. When it comes to the styling of internal doors their shape, size, finish and design are although important perspectives but what gives an elegant touch is the right door handle.

 Door handles come in various shapes, sizes, finishes and designs. Opting for your dream door handle therefore becomes a tricky task. Several factors should be kept in mind while choosing the right internal door handles which will not only involve considering aesthetics but also the functionality and elegance.

 Some steps to help you in selecting your right door handle are as follows:

1.     Considering the dream style of handles for interior doors: The overall interior design should be kept in mind while considering the style of the door handle. Whether it is rustic, modern, traditional or minimalist, handles should be chosen according to your room décor which complement your aesthetic.

2.     Interior door handles that Match with Door designs: The handles that are being chosen should go with the overall door design. For example, if the door is having a wooden texture then the handles with a wood finish is an excellent choice.

3.     Think about functionality of interior door handles: The functionality of a door handle is a major key to attain comfort. Ask yourself – Who would be using the door handle ? Whether would it be for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or privacy areas like bathrooms and bedrooms ? If it is for high-traffic areas then durable and low maintenance door handles are preferred while for privacy door handles with privacy locks are considered.

4.     Opting for the right interior door handle type: Various door handle styles are available like lever door handles, knob door handles, pull door handles, etc. Lever handles are easy to go for the people with mobility issues while knobs door handles are good to go for small rooms. Hence, choosing the right kind is in correlation with the right function and space.

5.     Choosing a finish for interior door handles: A finish which complements other fixtures and fittings in the room, such as light switches, faucets and cabinet hardware enhances the overall look. Popular finishes include chrome, brass, nickel and bronze. A right finish equals to a right level of enhancement.

6.     Try and Test first the interior door handles: If possible, pay out a visit to a showroom or a hardware store to physically try and test different handle options. This allows you to check and feel the quality and ergonomics of the handles before jumping onto any decision.

7.     Considering the Budget while choosing the right interior door handle: A wide range of prices is associated with the door handles. Keep in mind that higher-quality door handles may be expensive than others but they offer durability and offer better functionality in the long run. Hence, while considering your budget, explore more in order to get better options.

8.     Consistency while opting for a right interior door handle: A cohesive look is all what one needs to have an aesthetic touch throughout your home. So, consider choosing handles that are consistent across all interior doors, or at least within the same area or floor.

By keeping in mind all these factors one can choose a door handle which will not only look great but can also enhance the functionality and overall style of your interior design.

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