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How Do At-Home Dentures Work?

Dentures are crafted artificial teeth and gums that replace missing teeth, restoring function and enhancing smiles. They can be made to fit either the upper or lower jaw and are custom-made to each individual’s mouth. Dentures improve the appearance of the mouth, allow for proper chewing and speaking, and help support facial muscles. Here is the process of how at home dentures work:

Order the Kit

At home dentures provide an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional dentures that are custom-made at a dental office. The kit includes dentures, adhesive cream, polishing paper, and an instruction guide. One may order the kit online without visiting a dental office and get it via mail delivery. Adhesive cream keeps your dentures in place as you eat, and the polishing paper helps maintain their cleanliness. Read the instruction guide carefully and follow the steps explained. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your dentist before proceeding. 

Boil the Materials

The next step is to prepare the materials for your dentures. Boil a pot of water and then turn off the heat. Place the moldable dentures in the hot water to become pliable. Cool it for about 60 seconds until it becomes pliable. Remove the denture from the hot water with clean hands and shake off any excess water. Check the denture to confirm it is supple and ready for molding.

Mold the Dentures

Mold them around your gums for three minutes. Try them out by placing the dentures into your mouth, observing how they feel, and making minor adjustments to fit your mouth comfortably. Fix the denture’s appearance using polishing paper. Allow the dentures to cool and harden to let them take the shape of your mouth. Remove the dentures and rinse them in cold water to remove any remaining adhesive cream. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear, then allow the dentures to dry completely. 

Customize and Refit Multiple Times

Customize and refit the dentures multiple times for optimal fit and comfort. After wearing your dentures for a while, you may notice some discomfort or looseness. This can be due to changes in the shape of your gums and mouth over time. Repeat the above molding process to create a new customized fit if this happens. The more you wear your dentures, the better they will conform to the shape of your mouth and provide a comfortable fit. 

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene 

Brush and floss your remaining natural teeth regularly, and gently brush your gums and tongue. This will help prevent plaque and bacteria buildup that can cause gum disease and other oral health issues. Check the food stains often found on your dentures and remove them with a soft bristle brush and gentle cleaner. This will help keep your dentures clean house and bright while promoting good oral hygiene. Avoid chewing gum or eating hard, sticky foods that may interfere with the dentures. 

Enjoy Your Smile 

Once cooled and fitted, enjoy your new smile with personalized at-home dentures. The dentures provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to eat and speak confidently. With proper care and maintenance, these dentures are durable. Remove them before sleeping and place them in a denture cleaner for optimal hygiene. The convenience and affordability of at-home dentures make them a suitable choice for anyone looking to improve their smile. 

Upgrade Your Smile with At Home Dentures

At home dentures offer a personalized fit and convenience that traditional dentures may not provide. Buying the kit from a reputable company and following the instructions gives you a natural look. The instruction manual will guide you through the molding process to secure dentures. The molding process is simple and can be done in your home, saving you time and money. Order your kit today and take the first step towards a confident, new smile. 

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