All about the PUBG Mobile Global Open Event

The PUBG Mobile Global Open Brazil (PMGO) 2024 ended with lots of excitement. This important event was the first big event for the game, setting a standard for future tournaments. The winner was a Japanese team called Reject, who won a large part of the $500,000 prize. This article will tell you about the exciting three-day tournament, the highs and lows, the talent, and the crowning of the winners.

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Highest Level of Competition!

The Main Event of the PUBG Mobile Global Open Brazil (PMGO) 2024 has just ended. This was one of the most awaited PUBG Mobile esports tournaments of the year and the first major open event. For three days, from April 5 to 7, Sao Paulo was the center of PUBG Mobile esports. The Japanese team Reject made history by winning the championship and a large part of the $500,000 prize pool.

The final matches showed the skill, strategy, and determination of the best teams in PUBG Mobile. The live atmosphere at the ARCA in Sao Paulo effectively conveyed the enthusiasm of the fans who flocked in thousands to cheer for the teams present. This display of competitiveness highlights the growing popularity of PUBG esports.

The last three days have showcased world-class talents and seen many underdog teams bring home incredible actions. The first day of the Main Event, for example, saw the Brazilian Alpha 7 Esports climb to the top of the leaderboard, with an impressive 20-point lead over IHC Esports, who were second. However, nothing is certain in a battle royale tournament as Alpha 7 Esports ended the second day tied with S2G Esports, 12 points behind the new leaders: The Rejects. Meanwhile, IW NRX, BOOM Esports and IHC Esports battled to emerge from the middle of the leaderboard.

The last day of the Main Event showed no signs of slowing down, with intense plays and clashes hanging by a few bullets among the best teams. Boom Esports and Dplus kept favourites Reject under immense pressure in the second match of the day, with an intense firefight. With astonishing precision, Ponbit of Boom Esports put an end to Reject’s momentum, securing the Indonesian team the second Chiken Dinner. At the end of match number 16, IHC Esports aimed to stay in the game by climbing the rankings after a record of 20 eliminations, thus rising to 5th place. Despite a flurry of high-risk plays often shuffling the leaderboard positions, Reject remained firmly at the top with 156 points.

Final Clutch

Looking ahead to the final match, 24 points separated Reject from Alpha 7 Esports, who were second. Continuing with their aggressive style of play, the IHC eliminated Reject at the start of the match, loosening the leaders’ grip on the crown. Alpha 7 had a unique opportunity to steal Reject’s throne, but they would have to put on a spectacular performance. They played very cautiously for half the match before diving into an intense clash with Vampire Esports, who were fighting for the top three spots. In the end, Reject’s excellent initial performance and the maintenance of composure throughout the tournament led them to victory, earning them the title of champions.

The PMGO kicked off what will be a very rich year for fans of PUBG esports. Riding the momentum of being the most watched competitive Battle Royale game of 2023, fans can expect bigger and better tournaments throughout the year. After the success of the PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) in Southeast Asia in February this year, PUBG Mobile has introduced the PMSL in Europe and the Americas, bringing the action closer to fans and giving teams the chance to showcase their skills on home turf. This expansion marks an exciting era for PUBG Mobile esports, promising thrilling competitions and increased engagement for fans worldwide.


In short, the PMGO 2024 was a big hit and a key event for PUBG Mobile esports. The exciting games and tough competition showed how popular and skilled the community is. The Reject team’s win not only made them famous, but also gave East Asia a chance to do well in the upcoming PMWC. With many events coming up, like the first PUBG Mobile World Cup and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, fans can expect a fun year of competitive games and great play.

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