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Reasons to Call a Plumber

Your home plumbing system comprises numerous interconnected pipes, fixtures, and other devices for conveying fluids. If one component fails, it can cause water wastage or structural damage. While it’s tempting to fix the problem yourself, leaving the task to professional plumbers is often the best decision. Here are seven reasons to call your plumber:

1. Dripping Faucets

Kitchen and bathroom faucets should be in good condition to control water flow from the pipes. If your faucets leak or drip water, they can significantly increase your water bill. Dripping faucets are among the leading causes of water wastage in many American homes. Sometimes, a little tightening can help fix the problem. Steady drips could mean a broken pipe or an incorrectly installed element. Call your plumber to repair or replace defective parts in the case of steady drips.

2. Clogged Drains

If you’re struggling with slow-draining sinks or clogged shower drains, it’s time to call expert plumbers. Drains clog up due to accumulated food waste, buildup of foreign objects, or too much toilet paper. Clogs prevent water from flowing efficiently through the pipework. A plumber may use a variety of tools, including hydro jets and drain augers, to clear the drains.

3. Running Toilets

A running toilet is another issue that can waste gallons of water, resulting in higher water bills. You may notice that water constantly flows into the tank without filling it. It will also flow into the bowl without being flushed. A running toilet results from a broken flapper, an incorrectly sized refill tube, or the float set too high. If you encounter this problem, turn off the water to prevent waste. Calling expert plumbers to resolve the problem will help avoid worsening the situation with a DIY repair.

4. Malfunctioned Sump Pump

A sump pump moves foundational groundwater away from your home. It pumps groundwater through the discharge pipes to a designated area. This appliance prevents basement flooding and structural damage resulting from excess groundwater. The sump pump can malfunction over time due to defective parts, clogs, and improper installation. If your sump pump can’t protect your home from groundwater, call your plumber to fix it. Professional plumbers will inspect the pump and power source to identify and fix the root cause.

5. Sewer Line Problems

Clogged, leaky, or collapsed sewer lines can cause backups, leading to foul smells around your home. Sewer line issues can also lead to water marks on the ceiling, ponding water, and a slow drainage system. Sewer lines are also home to bacteria that can cause health problems. If you have a clogged, punctured, or collapsed sewer line, it’s time to call your plumber to fix it. They have skills and high-tech tools, like hydro jets and cameras, to unclog, repair, or replace your sewer line.

6. Water Heater Not Heating

If you run out of hot water frequently in your house, your water heater could be defective. Common tell-tale signs that your water heater is faulty include water taking too long to heat, water not heating at all, escalating electric bills, and rusty water from your taps. Qualified plumbers will examine your water heater and repair the defective parts. The process may involve fixing leaks, flushing the tank, cleaning corrosion, and adjusting the thermostat. If the problems persist, your plumber will replace the defective parts.

7. New Installations

Besides fixing problems, you can call plumbers to install components for your home plumbing system. Most homeowners will replace the current plumbing system if it fails due to age, wear and tear, or other issues. Whether installing new pipes or renovating an old plumbing system, always call your plumber to do the job. They will inspect your home and recommend the appropriate components that suit your plumbing system. Qualified plumbers have what it takes to handle the job meticulously, preventing complications from arising after installations.

Call Trusted Plumbers for Better Results

Unexpected plumbing problems can ambush you at any time. If you’re uncomfortable or unqualified to resolve these issues, it’s time to call a plumber. Professional plumbers will repair, replace, and maintain your plumbing system to keep it running like a well-oiled engine. Contact your trusted plumber today to fix any plumbing issue you encounter at home.

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