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7 Best Australian Labrador Breeders in California – braskenlabradoodles

If you are a dog lover who loves big hugs and who loves to exercise their pets then Australian Labradoodles are the one for you. Australian Labradoodles are a delightful mix of Labrador Retriever and Poodle genes. They need an adequate amount of space and are ideal for active people who love to play and run as they are very active and need exercise. No more running by yourself, they can be your running mate. Australian Labradoodles are very graceful, with a body covered with a soft and silky layer of thick hairs. Although, they are very active but are also quiet around their owners making them a breed easy to train and have a great time with. They often need grooming as their hairs grow quickly and can cover their eyes. Apart from cuteness, Australian Labradoodles are quite intelligent too.

If you are planning to buy a dog then Australian Labradoodle is an excellent breed and the 7 best Australian Labradoodles breeders in California are:   

1.     Rosebud Australian Labradoodles: One of the Labradoodle breeders in California is Rosebud Australian Labradoodles. It’s a small-sized, family-run breeder in Carlsbad. Rosebud Australian Labradoodles serves the labradoodle needs of San Diego, Riverside, and LA. All the magnificent breeding on Rosebud Australian Labradoodles are health tested according to the Gold Paw standard of the breed.

2.     Claremont Australian Labradoodles: Claremont Australian Labradoodle was established by Terri Abrolat. All the Australian Labradoodles are raised inside the home and yard. They remain there until they are adopted and go into their new homes. Generally, the puppies at the breeder are of different sizes and colors. They range from medium sizes to standard and large sizes. Claremont Australian Labradoodles guarantees you to have the smartest, cutest, agile and friendliest Australian Labradoodle puppies.

3.     Elite Blend Australian Labradoodle: The Elite Blend Labradoodles emphasis on producing Australian Labradoodle puppies which are loving, bonding, calm and playful. Their puppies are also very easy to train and have great stamina best suitable for activities like fetching and jogging. They can even swim. The breeder does not have kennels or cages but instead they raise their puppies right inside their home. The puppies are highly intelligent and they easily adapt to the new environment.

4.    Brookside Australian Labradoodles: Brookside Australian Labradoodles is a small, family-owned breeder located in the outskirts of Sacramento. Their Australian Labradoodle breeds are gotten from healthy parents that have been extensively tested. They are very keen to work on the areas which include; temperament, agility, and genetic purity. The dogs from the breeder are allergy-friendly and produce little to no shedding of fleece coats. The breeder is certified by numerous organizations and groups. Some of these groups include American Australian Labradoodle Association, ALCA, and WALA. The breeder has also won the prestigious WALA All-Star Breeder exclusive 8 Star award.

5. Premiere Australian Labradoodles: Premier Australian Labradoodle breeder is a small unique breeder that produces and raises one litter at any particular time which enables them to adequately take care of the little one. When the puppies come to a certain age, they are sent to a private trainer -Alyson Rogers, who runs Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp so that the puppies can receive adequate training on fundamental skills and stamina. The Australian Labradoodles at the breeder are also affordable and budget friendly.

6. Blossom Ranch Australian Labradoodles: Blossom Ranch Australian Labradoodles produces Australian Labradoodles for the market in northern California. Blossom Ranch has been in the business of producing some amazing Labradoodles for the past 20 years. The breeder happily raises mini, medium, and standard Labradoodles. They also raise them in various red, caramel, cream, black, and apricot. After spending over 20 years in the business, Blossom Ranch approaches the breeding of Australian Labradoodles from a place of deep knowledge and purity in service.

7. Sutter Butts Australian Labradoodles: At last, one of the best Australian Labradoodle in California is Sutter Buttes Labradoodles. Sutter Buttes Labradoodles have committed the breeder to a high standard in producing and raising Australian Labradoodles. They take the welfare of all dogs and puppies seriously. The breeders at the facility often indulge themselves in learning new ideas and techniques in the breeding process. Sutter Buttes Australian Labradoodle breed is certified and recognized by the ALAA. They come in different sizes and colors, including Red, Chalk, Cream, and Parti.

Australian Labradoodles are perfect canines for the amazing weather of California and its great topography. The most difficult task is to decide where to adopt from. The above list contains the names of reliable and trusted breeders in California who have been in the business for a decade which will definitely help you in selecting the right dog for yourself.

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