10 TOP Homeschool Curriculum Favorite PICKS

After spending 10 years researching curricula, I’ve discovered a lot of top homeschool curriculam I love! I will share a few of my favorite options with you in this article. These include secular and Christian options, programs parents can do if they homeschool and work full-time, and more hands-on options.

BJU Press [Online and Boxed]

BJU Press is a top Christian homeschool curriculum produced in Greenville, South Carolina.

The program has a strong focus on achieving excellent academic outcomes and is designed to provide children with high-quality workbooks and engaging video lessons that they will truly enjoy.

Whether you prefer online or paper-based homeschooling options, BJU Press has you covered with a range of kindergarten lesson plans to suit your needs.

The program offers online homeschool curriculum options for those who prefer a more digital approach, as well as traditional paper-based options for those who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Our family uses BJU Press, and we absolutely love their video-based courses.

The program provides workbooks and manipulatives in the mail, which the children can easily complete on their own with minimal supervision from adults.

In fact, even high school students can complete the program independently.

If you are consideringhomeschooling while also working full-time, BJU Press is an excellent choice that can help make your life easier.

Check out aBJU Press review here.

Schoolhouse Teachers [Online for All Ages and Grades]

If you want a program where you can purchase curriculum once for your whole family and not pay a penny more,Schoolhouse Teachers is your program!

Schoolhouse Teachers offers a complete curriculum for all grades and has a vast range of elective courses that you can imagine.

In fact, it has the most extensive range of electives I have ever seen in a single homeschool curriculum.

They teach from a Christian worldview and provide basic open-and-go boxes for all ages to help you get started.

Because they also offer a wide range of electives, which means that you can customize learning based on your interests.

For example, if you are interested inlearning about dinosaurs, you can find almost any popular homeschool course related to this topic on Schoolhouse Teachers.

Time 4 Learning [Secular, Online]

Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum that is not religious in nature.

It provides an accredited online virtual school as well as a more at-home version.

This flexible curriculum offers all subjects and grades, and allows students to learn at their own pace.

It is also suitable for use as an after-school enrichment program, providing additional tutoring for specific subjects if required.

Memoria Press [Classical]

Memoria Press is aClassical homeschool curriculum program that follows a non-traditional approach to education by using theclassical homeschooling method.

Using theclassical trivium, children in:

  • Primary schoolers learn the necessary foundational knowledge and create a valuable information bank. This is thegrammar stage of classical education.
  • Middle schoolers learn to think logically and critically using the information in the grammar stage. This stage includesdebating, meditating on concepts, and argumentative essays. This is thelogic stage.
  • High school students learn to present themselves in a winsome and gracious manner. It’s all about making a ‘good man speak well.’ This is therhetoric stage.

Additionally, students learn aLatin homeschool curriculum, which makes them amazing wordsmiths.

Latin is an excellent way to teach the English language, as so many of our words come from the Latin language. .

K12 [Online Public School]

K12 is an online public school in the United States that provides an accreditedhomeschool curriculum for American citizens.

The program is funded by the US government, which makes it accessible to all students regardless of their financial background.

The K12 program offers a comprehensive homeschooling curriculum fromkindergarten throughGrade 12, covering subjects such asmath,science, language arts, history,art, andmusic.

The curriculum is designed to beflexible, allowing students toprogress at their own pace and to customize their learning experience to their individual needs and interests.

10 TOP Homeschool Curriculum Favorite PICKS
10 TOP Homeschool Curriculum Favorite PICKS

Veritas Press [Virtual, LIVE Online, Classical]

If you are a full-time working parent, who is homeschooling your kids, Veritas Press could be a great option for you.

They offer an accredited homeschool curriculum that provides a face-to-face online environment for children to teach each other.

The lessons are highly engaging, and homeschoolers can socialize with one another in a virtual environment.

In case they have any difficult questions, they can ask the teacher because the teacher is present during the lessons and teaches LIVE.

Students can also work together and collaborate with each other.

Additionally, Veritas Press also offers more affordable options, such as unaccredited and paper-based curricula.

Acellus [Intelligent, Pinpoint Learning]

If you are searching for anonline curriculum that can identify your child’s weak points and help them improve, Acellus is a great option to consider.

Additionally, if you’re a busy homeschooling parent who prefers an accredited secular curriculum, Acellus Academy is a good choice for you.

Keep in mind thataccredited homeschool curriculums tend to be more expensive.

If accreditation is not necessary, you may want to consider Power Homeschool, which offers a non-accredited homeschool version.

Check out anAcellus andPower Homeschool reviews now.

Notgrass and Apologia [History and Science & More]

Teaching History and Science in a homeschool setting can be challenging.

However, there are twotop homeschool curriculum options that parents love.

These options can be used as afamily-style homeschool curriculum, where the entire family can learn together.

This can be a lot of fun for the mother, provided she has the time to do so.

Let’s take a closer look at these options below.

Top Homeschool History

Notgrass is a well-likedhistory andgeography program that provides a chronological integration of secular history and ecclesiastical history from a Biblical worldview.

This means that you won’t have to jump around as you progress through the historical timeline.

The curriculum books are colorful and include hands-on activities and workbooks to help reinforce concepts and make learning more enjoyable.

Moreover, thecurriculum is open-and-go, meaning that it is easy to use and requires minimal preparation.

Top Homeschool Science

Apologia is a topcreation-science homeschool curriculum that offers both hard-copy lessons and online video lessons.

Over the years, it has expanded to provide a complete Christian homeschool curriculum for students of almost all ages and subjects.

One of the reasons why it is so well-liked among homeschooling families is because of its strong focus on critical thinking, creativity, and hands-on learning.

The curriculum is designed to be user-friendly, with books that are easy for older children to read independently.

Parents only need to get involved if they choose to do so.

Sonlight and Bookshark [Boxed, Literature-Based]

Sonlight is a complete homeschool curriculum that emphasizes literature-based learning.

They use numerous books (many are on thishomeschool booklist) to teach children through stories and great literature.

The curriculum lays great emphasis on instilling good character in children through the use of books commonly used in Classical and Charlotte Mason education.

Sonlight also provides a secular literature-based homeschool curriculum option calledBookshark.

Top Homeschool Curriculum in Other Sizes

Of course, popular programs come in other shapes and sizes. Many people love shopping for:

  • Mastery-based programs
  • Hands-on options
  • Free curriculum
  • Boxed programs

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All the best!

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Rebecca Devitt is a second-generation homeschool mom of two children living in Australia with her husband, Tristan. After three years in a traditional school, Rebecca’s parents started home educating her. She enjoyed it so much that she now spends her spare time blogging to parents about how great homeschooling can be. She runs How to Homeschool a YouTube Channel for beginners and also a website called How Do I Homeschool, which is dedicated to homeschool curriculum.

10 TOP Homeschool Curriculum Favorite PICKS
10 TOP Homeschool Curriculum Favorite PICKS

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